Glass Around 70's

We were born around 1970.
While we were students, our seniors taught us about their thoughts
regarding glass techiniques, spirits and everything else.
Today, we are able to be independent glass artists thanks to our seniors.
Therefore, we believe it is necessary to pass down to our juniors,
what we have been taught from our seniors.
11 glass artists who share such ambitions have come together,
and we hold demonstrations at glass educational institutions
(university and vocational schools).
We hope that many of our juniors will watch our demonstrations,
and our burning passion will be transmitted to them.

How interesting glass is!


Look directly, touch and feel.

It is the most important things for us.

Here, the notice of next live demonstrations and exhibitions of GA70's, In addition, here will notice you members' solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, events, etc.

Please come to feel directly to see, touch by all means.


2018 9/15 GA70's live 2018
at GEN in Seto Shinseiki Kogeikan
2018 3/31- 6/17 Tsuyoshi Inoue + Yoshimi Taniguchi Exhibition
2018 6/21-27 Masayuki Kumagai + Osamu Tsunooka Exhibition
2017 12/2-3 GA70's live 2017
at Tokyo University of the Art


GA70's consists of 11 glass-artist members
and 2 support members.

Glass-artist members are
Saiko Ito, Tsuyoshi Inoue, Kenichiro Oomoto, Hiroshi Kaito,
Hideaki Kakurai, Masayuki Kumagai
Kentaro Senuma, Osamu Tsunooka
Rei Chikaoka, Tatsuya Niimura and Naoki Yoshimizu.

Support members are
Mitsuko Senuma and Akemi Chikaoka.


GA70's pursue the essence of glass.

In the demonstration, various things happened. When it comes to demonstrating glass,
the hard part is to do it with the equipment
at the place where you do it all. In order for everyone to think about
the response according to the situation,
each member carries out a demonstration
with technology, wisdom, and thought. Here are the members' faces,
such as past production scenes and lectures,
and relief locations after the end of the demo.




For demonstrations, exhibitions and events,
we will go anywhere for you.

First of all, please feel free to contact us in the contact form.